Training Requirements

Quality training produces quality netball. Training is at the team coach’s discretion but the INC committee encourages all teams to train, especially in the younger age groups where skills are being developed.

  • The INC Committee reserves the best venues where possible in the local area.  Current venues are NETS Stadium and OLC Heidelberg West.
  • Unfortunately, INC does not have their own training venue but we are working hard lobbying local Banyule Council and Councillors as well as State and Federal Local Members.
  • INC coaches and team managers will phone parents/players if training has to be cancelled. As a general rule there is no training on school and public holidays unless the coach indicates otherwise.
  • As per Netball Victoria’s Member Protection Regulation, there must be at least two supervising adults in attendance at each training session. Team managers are encouraged to prepare a parent roster for each team to ensure there are always two adults present.
  • Where teams do train, training is compulsory for all players and if you are unable to attend your training session please contact your Team Manager or Coach.