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Dear INC Families,

As our community takes an enforced breather from Netball, INC is keen to involve and support our community in as many ways as possible especially at this very trying time.

We would like to create our very own ‘Community Hub’ to promote and support INC families’ small businesses as well as providing a listing of services to those that don’t generally know where to find what they’re looking for.

Although there is no expectation to be involved, listing your service will provide families with a stellar opportunity to promote your business, skillset or highlight relevant experience and insight. We believe this will continue to help the INC Community continue to grow and thrive in a successful and positive, all inclusive direction. 

The purpose of the Hub is for each family to nominate their occupation, add email addresses and contact details and can be distributed to all our families. The Hub will also be listed on the INC website ( .

So……once the Hub is established, if you are in need of a service such as a tradesperson, tutor, dentist or financial advice, your local netball community may be able to assist!

Should you wish to be included on the list, please email your details to the Ivanhoe Netball Club committee at


Child/ren participating in INC (name and team):




Should you have any further queries, please email the club with attention to Rebecca Tarau. 

 Kind regards

INC Committee 

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