Thank you to SMASH FM for your sponsorship of INC NFNL

Thank you to Will Taylor for the SMASH SPORTS SHOW interviews and for your sponsorship.  Terrific listening as the girls talk about what they like about playing for INC.

Smash FM would like to thank you and your club for organising Jackie De Waele, Paris Bosschieter, Claire Cornish and Elly McKenzie (all from Ivanhoe 2) and Ebyan Cabdi, Olivia Marian, Sarah Marian, Leanna Sartori (all from Ivanhoe 1) & Zoe Bell providing us with the opportunity to be part of Smash Sports Show on Wednesday 24 April 2019 at 6pm at Olympic Leisure Banyule, Heidelberg West. With the interviews been completed, we already have posted the link online to our FACEBOOKTWITTERWEBSITE so that your supporters, members and sponsors can listen to the interviews at any time whenever suits them.

 Please find the link to the interview here with the start of your interview at 17 seconds mark

  • 17 seconds: Ivanhoe Team 2 – Jackie De Waele & Paris Bosschieter
  • 7.18 minutes: Ivanhoe Team 1 & 2 – Claire Cornish (Team 2), Ebyan Cabdi (Team 1), Olivia Marian (Team 1), Elly Mckenzie (Team 2), Sarah Marian (Team 1), Leanna Sartori (Team 1) & Zoe

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